Aluminum Perforated Edged Panels - Patrick Taylor HS


Architects had wanted to use aluminum perforated plate for handrail infill on the Patrick Taylor High School construction project in New Orleans, LA.  One of the issues was they wanted to have a border of trim around the plate.  Normally, this would be made with 2 flat bars sandwiching the plate and would require a great deal of welding on the aluminum, which can result in discolorization and take away from a clean look.


P&R Metals worked with the fabricator on this project to submit samples of specially formed aluminum U-edging that fit snuggly around the aluminum perforated panels to give it a clean, seamless look.  All of the aluminum perforated plates were also laser cut to size.  This kept the plate clean of any discolorization and also made the finished sizes closer to tolerance than had we sheared them manually.  As a result, this project was award numerous overall architectural awards and we were pleased to have been a part of it.  Please contact your P&R Metals sales representative for additional product information.