Railroad Refueling Station in Birmingham Alabama


P&R Metals had the opportunity to work with a railroad company on an issues they had with refueling their locomotives. With containment required for possible spillage when refueling, the railroad company needed platform grating to cover the containment pits. These would need to be removed periodically and also, with very corrosive fuel mixture hitting this grating, durability was a major concern. Galvanized steel grating was not a problem in the regular areas, but where fuel could spill, there was an issue.


To combat the challenges they faced, we suggested molded fiberglass, which has a high resin to glass ratio and gives you the highest corrosive protection in fiberglass gratings. More resin means more protection against corrosive agents. They had also looked at stainless steel grating, but with these grating covers having to be removed periodically, the molded fiberglass grating allowed one person to lift the panels out for inspection, versus the heavier steel gratings which required multiple people or even a crane. As you can see, P&R Metals was able to design this area with a combination of galvanized steel grating, along with molded fiberglass grating. Please contact your P&R Metals sales representative for additional product information.