Electrical Substation Work Platforms and Ground Mats


P&R Metals has worked with numerous power company engineers on developing work platforms for the electrical substation industry. Their issues ranged from having a solid work platform versus having an employee attempt to work on electrical equipment, particularly switch boxes, while on ladders that may or may not be grounded. Most substations have a ground base of stone, which does not work well with solid footing for ladders.


P&R Metals worked with power company engineers and submitted developed various sized electrical substation work platforms. These platforms arrived at the substation ready to install. No erection crew was required to put these platforms together. Once installed, these platforms are grounded and set permanently to the ground. These electrical substation platforms allow multiple workers the ability to access control boxes for repairs or maintenance without the risk of a stand alone ladder.

P&R Metals also developed with power company engineers smaller ground mats and work platforms for new electrical substations. Some of these work platforms required an elevated design due to winter locations. These elevated ground mats have Grip Strut for the platform due to the snow environment where these are installed. The elevated design gives the substation employee the ability to be on an elevated above the snow line platform, as well as a grounded mat.

Here are some additional ground mats that we provide to the electrical substation industry.

This one is also built to extend above the snow line in Northern United States areas. The Grip Strut planking provides great traction in icy environments.