Elevated Walkway - SweetWater Brewing Company


P&R Metals was approached by an Atlanta general contractor in hopes of coming up with the right product for an expansion at the SweetWater Brewing Company in Atlanta. The work platforms needed to be corrosive resistant, as well as light weight. Also, with cylindrical tanks to go around, this posed a problem using standard steel bar grating, which would require additional supports.


P&R Metals proposed using 1-1/2" deep molded fiberglass grating with a vinylester resin. The vinylester resin grating has one of the highest corrosion resistant abilities of the fiberglass gratings we carry. Also, the molded fiberglass grating has a bi-directional span, so it made it much easier to install around the cylindrical tanks, compared to standard bar gratings. Please contact your P&R Metals sales representatives for additional product information.