Extren Plate (3/4

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Extren Plate (3/4" Thick - 4' x 8')


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Extren Plate (3/4" Thick - 4' x 8')

Extren Plate (3/4" Thick - 4' x 8')

P&R Metals is pleased to offer Extren Plates, as manufactured by Strongwell Corporation. 3/4" thick- 4' x 8' sheets are available for immediate shipment. Extren structural fiberglass plate is great to use in corrosive environments, or where sparking/conductivity is a concern. The strength to weight ratio for this product actually makes it, pound for pound, stronger than carbon steel structural shapes. Available in three resin series-500, 525, and 625. 500 and 525 series are polyester type resins and 625 is vinylester resin, which is used in more corrosive environments. 500 series in available in olive green; 525 is available in flame retardant slate gray; 625 available in flame retardant beige. Let P&R Metals assist you in your selection for use on these products.

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