Pass Christian Harbor Project - Pass Christian, MS


P&R Metals worked with a Mississippi fabricator to come up with a solution for grating required for the Pass Christian Harbor re-build project. The harbor was completely destroyed after Hurricane Katrina. New post-Katrina construction standards were very stringent and required a strong, durable grating, but also had to be A.D.A. accessible. Also, fastening the gratings to the structure were an issue because the customer required those to be recessed.


P&R Metals and the local Mississippi fabricator used 11W4 spaced 1-1/2" x 1/4" heavy duty welded bar grating for this application. This close mesh grating met A.D.A. requirements. As you can see in the pictures, plate fasteners, which remove just enough grating to allow for a 1/2" bolt and nut to pass thru, allowed for us to have the grating able to be fastened down with fasteners below the walking surface and still maintaining A.D.A. requirements. Please contact your P&R Metals sales representatives for additional product information.